A home video of a belching, twitching Britney Spears looking far from her best and chatting to husband Kevin Federline about time travel and her hectic life has been leaked onto cult website youtube.com. Donning jeans, white vest and a red and white trucker hat, the pre-pregnant singer adopts a thick southern drawl as she chats to her then-boyfriend Federline, who is holding the camera. The footage looks like outtakes from the couple's critically mauled reality show BRITNEY + KEVIN: CHAOTIC. Spears starts by moaning, "I feel like I've been missing out on life," after realising her touring commitments have led to her missing a host of movies. She then seems confused about time travel, telling Federline she thinks the film Back To The Future is for real. She says, "Is that possible, to time travel back in space?" And when Federline says, "No," she states, "Yes it is, Kevin."