Britney Spears' return to Los Angeles was met with frantic scenes culminating in an altercation between a member of her entourage and a paparazzi photographer.

Around 35 photographers swarmed round the pop star's vehicle after she landed at Los Angeles international airport, the Press Association reports.

And at one point in the melee one of Spears' bodyguards pushed a camera into the face of a photographer.

Airport police sergeant Jim Holcomb confirmed the photographer complained the push left a mark on his cheek, but said that no charges had been filed.

Sergeant Holcomb added the 26-year-old Spears left the airport unharmed and was able to leave safely.

The pop star has been the subject of intense paparazzi attention over the last few months as her personal problems were played out in the public eye.

The continual attention she received led to one Californian politician calling for a change in the law to protect celebrities from photographers.

22/06/2008 12:50:51