Britney Spears has upset locals in her native Kentwood, Louisiana, by turning her back on their post-Hurricane Katrina charity needs.

The Spears family's neighbours were appalled to hear the pop star is spearheading a new US TV recovery campaign for New Orleans, Louisiana, residents - because they feel charity should begin at home.

Kentwood locals feel Spears should be helping fund a local recovery effort before she helps raise cash for others.

The owner of one of Britney's former hang-outs, the Kentwood Cafe, is one of those disgusted by the singer's actions.

Stacy Toller's local restaurant suffered extensive damage when last summer's (AUG05) storms hit town, and she's struggling to rebuild the diner.

She says, "When Hurricane Katrina blew through the area, the cafe suffered extensive damages, to the tune of over $20,000; only 50 per cent of the damages are covered by insurance.

"We can't afford that. We need help, as much as the next people down here. We're better off than some, worse off than others. But does Britney offer to help the community that raised her, where her family still live, go to school and worship in church? Fat chance.

"She doesn't care about Kentwood - she hasn't since she left. It's just what she's always done. Still doesn't make it right that she doesn't give back to her own."

Spears is set to celebrate the first Mardi Gras in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina on US breakfast TV show Good Morning America later today (21FEB06) by visiting young fans in the city.