Britney Spears' love rival Shar Jackson has blasted the pop star and her ex Kevin Federline for turning her life into a paparazzi nightmare.

The actress fears Spears' decision to allow photographers to snap a family portrait with herself, fiance Federline and his two-year-old daughter with Jackson, CORY, has endangered her child's safety.

Jackson was far from happy when she saw the "family portrait" on the front cover of America's PEOPLE magazine last month (AUG04) - and not just because it featured her daughter with her superstar stepmother-to-be.

She says, "I can't leave her (Cory) alone. You know how sometimes you take your kids to the park, you let them run around. I can't do that. I have to sit there and watch her like an eagle now. It's very, very scary.

"Somebody came in my backyard and was like trying to take pictures through the house. I called the cops."

Jackson is determined not to let the same thing happen to her newborn baby son KALEB.

She adds, "She (Britney) hasn't even met Kaleb yet."

16/09/2004 02:50