A frantic Britney Spears called her father JAMIE while he was catering a large Super Bowl party on Sunday (03Feb08) and begged him to get her out of hospital. The singer had just learned she would be in the psychiatric ward at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles for 14 days, when she desperately called her father, who was handed control of her legal and financial affairs on Friday (01Feb08). A sleep-deprived Spears was admitted to the hospital on a 72-hour psychiatric hold early on Thursday (31Jan08) on the advice of her personal psychiatrist. In a new declaration signed by Jamie Spears, and obtained by website TMZ.com, her father claims he failed to visit his daughter on Sunday because he was working, stating, "I am a cook, and I was catering a large Super Bowl party." So desperate Britney tracked him down on his cellphone "at least four times" and begged him to take her out of hospital. Jamie adds, "She called me about every 20 minutes. (She said), `Daddy, what are you doing?' I told her I was cooking. Britney said, 'What are you doing cooking, daddy? Why are you not here with me?' I told her, 'Baby, daddy's got to work.'" He claims Britney then asked him to "hurry up and get here... because you gotta get me out of here," before asking him to bring her some vanilla ice cream when he visited her that evening. In his new declaration, Jamie also claims that even his daughter has started to turn against her manager/companion Sam Lutfi, who was served with a restraining order on Friday (01Feb08) and instructed to stay away from the Spears family. He adds, "Britney told me that there was some property of hers that Sam Lutfi had wrongfully taken. She asked me to help get it back. I told her that I would."