Britney Spears and shoe company SKECHERS USA have agreed to drop their duelling lawsuits over an endorsement deal which put the pop beauty's name on roller skates.

In its lawsuit, BRITNEY BRANDS claimed Skechers advertised the singer's signature line of skates when those skates - for which she receives royalties - weren't for sale, meaning consumers had to buy Skechers' own brand instead.

Skechers countered the next day with its own lawsuit, charging that Spears failed to approve manufacturers and designs for her line of skates - BRITNEY 4 WHEELERS - causing it to miss sales in late 2002.

US District judge A HOWARD MATZ last week (ends9MAY03) approved a two-sentence order to dismiss the lawsuits. The financial terms of the settlement have not been disclosed in court papers.

13/05/2003 21:07