LATEST: The full extent of Britney Spears' bid to sex-up her career with the provocative MADONNA-starring new video for ME AGAINST THE MUSIC has been finally broadcast in full.

The pop divas, who shocked the world when they kissed at the MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS in September (03), don't go that far in Britney's new video - but they come pretty close.

In the sexually-charged promo, directed earlier this month (OCT02) by PAUL HUNTER, Britney chases Madonna through a series of maze-like club and dream scenes, while the two writhe about around a metal bed frame on either side of a thin wall, showing off their dance moves.

Madonna, dressed in a white suit and wielding a cane, shows off a handful of yoga positions as she plays on a swing in a leaf-strewn room. The suggestive MATERIAL GIRL then holds her cane between her legs as she raps to "sexy lady" Britney, telling her, "Come over here, I've got something to show you."

But it's the finale which will be the talking point - when Madonna vanishes just as Britney is about to plant another kiss on her, leaving the younger woman puzzled and bewildered.

Britney says the video shoot in Long Island, New York, was "a blast", and working with her idol was a dream come true.

She adds, "It was an honour to have her. It's inspiring to have her around."

22/10/2003 09:05