Britney Spears put Ellen Degeneres through her paces when she showed off her rigorous sit-up routine on the comic's chat show yesterday (12FEB04).

Superfit Britney gave DeGeneres tips on how to get a tight tummy, insisting the chat show host lie on the floor and go through a series of tough exercises.

It didn't take long for DeGeneres to get out of breath, and she puffed, "This is the way I should have interviewed you all the time."

Then, as she kicked up her legs, for a giggling Britney to palm, Ellen wheezed, "I would have shaved my legs if I thought I was doing this."

For her efforts to get Ellen into shape, Britney received a free-standing basketball net and pole for her to take on her upcoming tour - a gift from the host.

Thrilled Britney and Ellen then proceeded to shoot at the net as studio crew scrambled to pick up the loose balls.

15/02/2004 14:37