Britney Spears and Demi Lovato were officially unveiled as the new X Factor judges at a promo event in New York on Monday (May 14, 2012). Britney, 30, donned a curvy figure hugging mini-dress, while Lovato opted for a more demure patterned creation, though both were similar lengths.

The UK's Sun newspaper criticized Britney for her risque dress, saying, "But while the frock complemented her beautiful hair and make-up it also hugged her lumpy legs.A pair of tight, ankle-strapped heels only cut off her pins even more", though one Twitter fan claimed, "Tabloids already manipulating pictures so Britney looks unsexy. Lol that fake celulite is killing me". There appeared to be more love for Lovato's dress, with one user saying, "Not a fan of Demi Lovato, but her dress that she wore to that x factor US thing is stunning", though another warned, "I hope demi lovato being an x factor judge is not a way for the media to slam her dress sense/appearance. She's been through enough as it is". It's certainly true that Demi has had a rough couple of years - which has included a stint in rehabilitation - but Britney has also had to fight her own demons.

Britney and Demi will replace the ousted judges Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul on the show. Cowell is still looking to replace his departing host Steve Jones, with speculation in the U.S. linking singer and actress Miley Cyrus with the job.