Britney Spears spends the nights she has with her young sons on the look-out for monsters, because the tots are convinced her home is surrounded by them.
The pop star admits she's amazed by Sean Preston and Jayden James' imaginations - but can't get them to go to sleep until she's made sure there are no ghoulies lurking in the garden.
She tells Rolling Stone magazine, "They're obsessed with monsters, and every night we look outside, and we have to show them that there's no monsters out there: 'It's dark outside, but there's nothin' out there.'"
And the singer still can't believe she's mum to two tearaway kids: "They're going to pre-school now... and seeing them in their little classroom and seeing Jayden being bad or not listening? It's like, those are mine, and it's just crazy."
Under the terms of her custody agreement with ex-husband Kevin Federline, Spears sees her kids three days a week with one overnight stay.