Pop beauty Britney Spears has won her court battle with a Japanese businessman - the alleged 'stalker' must stay away from her for three years.

MASAHIKO SHIZAWA, 41, has been ordered to remain at least 300 yards (274 metres) away from the OOPS!...I DID IT AGAIN singer after she complained that his behaviour was frightening her.

Judge ALAN HABER told Shizawa he was " abnormally obsessed" with the 21-year old star and that there was "an obvious pattern of harassment and emotional harm done".

In his defence, Mr Shizawa's lawyer ROBERT HILLER told the court that his client was simply an avid fan of Spears, and that a "cultural misunderstanding" was to blame for the legal wrangle. However, Hiller did admit that Shizawa was "in love" with the CROSSROADS stunner.

The BOYS star elected to stay away from the court and was notified of the decision after proceedings concluded.

08/10/2003 13:32