Singer Britney Spears has expressed her shock at the way ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake dealt with their break-up through his videos.

The 21-year-old Louisiana native, who split with the 'N Sync frontman last year (02), insists her upcoming CD will not include bitter rants about her former beau - even though many have speculated that he has sung about her in recent months.

She says, "I don't want to put my personal things out there, and no one wants to hear my garbage about a break-up."

And BOYS beauty admits she was stunned at the way Timberlake released the video of his hit single CRY ME A RIVER, which featured a Britney lookalike cheating on him - a charge which the singer vehemently denies.

She adds, 'I was shocked to s**t. First time I saw it, I thought, 'Oh my God, it's me.' It was a little weird, but if that's the way he has to deal with things, that's fine.

"And he got a number one video."

26/06/2003 02:18