A gum-chewing Britney Spears left super-serious CNN analyst TUCKER CARLSON with only one thought after he landed an exclusive interview with her yesterday (03SEP03) - "she seems very young".

The bow-tie wearing American political pundit, who is more used to quizzing senators and governors than pop princesses, was granted a chat with Britney as she warmed up for tonight's (04SEP03) NFL season kickoff concert in Washington.

But she seemed far from impressed to see the CNN star, who was there to ask Britney about her MTV Video Music Awards kiss with Madonna and her future plans.

Britney, wearing a blonde wig with streaks of red, giggled when Carlson asked her if she'd ever kissed a woman before the Madonna snog, but looked bored by the newsman's questions.

At one point she held her gum between her two front teeth as Carlson asked her about her image and her favourite TV shows.

After the chat, the CNN star concluded, "She seemed very young. I felt it would be wrong to have adult thoughts about Britney Spears."

04/09/2003 09:24