R+B singer MARY J. BLIGE blames a lack of strong parental guidance for the troubles of stars including Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. Blige claims the main reason many young celebrities are so badly behaved is because there's nobody in their entourages who's prepared to disagree with them. She says, "In a business like the music business, too much success too soon for a young person can drive them crazy. "If there's no parental guidance to say, 'You know, your environment isn't right. Change it up,' or something like that... Because everyone's saying yes to everything you do, everything's cool, everything you do is hot." And Blige, who has herself battled alcohol and drug addictions, admits her problems had a lot to do with surrounding herself with the wrong kind of people. She adds, "When I finally woke up and was able to see my environment, I got out of there because they were killing my career, they were killing everything that was going to make me better. "No one would tell me the truth, and no one's telling them (today's troubled stars) the truth and that's the problem."