Britney Spears' engagement to Kevin Federline reportedly prompted bosses to ditch a David Beckham lookalike for her upcoming perfume commercial in favour of a man resembling her fiance.

The 22-year-old TOXIC singer spent 5 and 6 August (04) at the Raleigh Studios in Los Angeles filming an advertisement for her new fragrance CURIOUS.

During the commercial, Spears and a man reportedly walk up to a hotel's front desk and exchange glances. Shortly after checking into his room, the man hears a knock at the door and it greeted by Spears.

Sources tell America's STAR magazine that bosses were originally looking for a "classy, edgy guy with a David Beckham look", but once Spears announced her engagement to the father-of-two dancer, casting agents hunted out a "guy with brown hair to resemble Kevin".

12/08/2004 09:22