Pictures of a smiling, happy-looking Britney Spears will No Doubt reassure fans that the singer seems to be on the road to recovery.

The 25-year-old was photographed on a supervised trip out of rehab and looked like a different person from the one caught on camera in recent weeks.

Thanks to her recently shaved head Britney was spotted wearing a brown wig tucked under a baker boy cap accompanied by a huge grin on her face.

The only puzzling part of the picture is bizarre doodling on her left hand. She's obviously been pretty busy with a biro as there are pictures of flowers and the word 'push' scribbled on the back of her hand.

Although there is a drawn-on ring on her index finger, on her wedding ring finger is a real ring.

But the doodlings are nothing in comparison to the pictures of the Toxic singer from the past few months  which have included ones of her shaving her head publicly in Los Angeles, emerging from a car on a night out without any knickers and dancing around in a bikini that she borrowed from a stripper.

Britney entered the Promises rehab clinic last Friday for what was reportedly the third time in a week and is expected to stay in the centre for over a month.

02/03/2007 09:28:36