Troubled pop star Britney Spears reportedly adopts a British accent during shopping trips.

People magazine reports that the singer, who has a pet dog named London, had taken to the English way of pronunciation on many occasions.

While shopping at an upmarket store in Los Angeles last week, an angry Spears screamed at paparazzi to leave her alone in her English accent, saying: "Get out of my G******* face!," according to the magazine. She was also heard sporting the accent at a trip to another clothes store last week.

Spears is currently seeing a photographer, Adnan Ghalib, who grew up in Birmingham. Their relationship appears to be on the rocks after speculation that a restraining order had been requested against him to prevent him from seeing Spears.

In a statement posted on his employer's website, Ghalib said he was unaware of any court order barring him from contacting Spears.

"I have had to attend a family funeral in Santa Barbara. My phone has been off during this time out of respect for my family. I am only now becoming aware of what is being said. I hope to be back home in Los Angeles soon and to be in contact with Miss Spears," he told the website.

Spears has been barred from seeing her two children by a court following her two-day stay in hospital over apparent substance abuse.

21/01/2008 07:35:41