The wife of Britney Spears' former backing dancer accused the pop beauty of trying to steal her husband - before sacking him over a condom wrapper in a jealous rage.

The TOXIC singer became close to the handsome Columbus Short during her European tour last year (03), despite him being married and expecting his first child.

The 22-year-old singer always denied being romantically involved with Columbus, although the dancer recently told American tabloid The Star he did have a sexless relationship with Spears.

But now his wife BRANDI reveals everything - describing how Britney would beg Columbus to kiss her and insisted on buying him expensive gifts to try and win his affection.

Brandi, 24, says, "Britney was infatuated with my husband from the moment she met him. He told her that they couldn't have a relationship because he was married and had a baby on the way. But she didn't want to hear it because she had fallen for him very hard. He said that when they were alone, Britney would say, 'Do you want to kiss me?'"

When Spears discovered that Columbus was sleeping with another woman on tour, she was furious. The TOXIC beauty allegedly sacked him after his sexy antics were exposed when contraceptive packaging was found in his bedroom.

Brandi says, "Britney was hurt and jealous. When the condom wrapper was found, everyone thought it was her who had been having sex with Columbus because of all the stories. But Britney knew it was nothing to do with her.

"Not long after afterwards he got a call from her management telling him that his services were no longer required."

Despite originally wanting to sue Britney for sexual harassment - Brandi now feels that her cheating husband is more to blame.

Brandi, who has since split from Columbus, adds, "I don't blame Britney. I blame Columbus. I feel sorry for her. The truth is that we were both hurt by the same man. A love rat who lied to both of us."

08/03/2004 09:57