The Brit Awards, held next Wednesday on Valentine's Day, are continuing to cause controversy among the UK's pop and rock stars.

Pete Doherty has been banned from attending by his maybe wife Kate Moss, who believes that he is getting too close to 21-year-old fake chav LILY ALLEN, who has in turn been forced to attend by her father KEITH ALLEN after throwing a strop over who should win the awards.

Meanwhile, four-time Brit winner Noel Gallagher from Oasis has decided to slam his rivals in his only pre-ceremony interview.

Speaking to the Telegraph newspaper, Gallagher admitted he doesn't know where any of his previous trophies are, as he gives them away randomly after being caught up in the moment.

And despite allegedly only attending to pick up their Outstanding Achievement award, to be handed over by Beatles legend Ringo Starr, the OASIS songwriter claims the band are keen to accept the honour while they are still young.

Noel said: "They're gonna keep asking every year. So do we get it now, when we're in our 30s or are we gonna wait til we look like one of Pink FLOYD?"

And his contemporaries have also come in for a tongue lashing, with Gallagher claiming people only want to hear bands' good songs, not preaching. After claiming Radiohead's Thom Yorke should stop singing about "depressing news" and just play CREEP, he added: "It's the same with U2. Play ONE, shut the f*** up about Africa."

With no one daring to tell OASIS what to do, the group will be performing at the Brits next week alongside Take That, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Killers.

08/02/2007 11:15:06