Brits host RUSSELL BRAND has claimed that, despite reports to the contrary, he is currently single and looking for a long-term girlfriend to settle down with  to please his mum.

The ridiculously-haired funnyman, who is presenting this year's Brit Awards in London tonight, has claimed that he is not dating LAURA GALLACher, the younger sister of presenter Kirsty, and is unattached.

Odd-looking Brand, 31, has admitted to bedding a string of beautiful ladies on his rise to fame, including supermodel Kate Moss, but told the Mirror that he is now looking to settle down.

He said: "I've struggled with relationships. It's not that I've got bored, they just haven't worked out. I guess I'm too busy, but a steady girlfriend would be nice."

Brand added that his mum would prefer him to get married soon, saying she "is on my case for grandchildren".

And the Big Brother presenter, who attends AA meetings and will not be drinking at the after-show bash, is not looking to party the night away any more.

He told the Sun: "It's boring hanging out at parties where everyone is drunk or off their heads and you are sober."

Brand added that he would like to see fellow big haired Londoner Amy Winehouse scoop a prize, as he is chums with the singer.

"Me and Amy are having a power race similar to the cold war, Russia v United States, hopefully either One Of Us will see reason before one of us walks around amidst a black cloud of atomic hair," he said.

14/02/2007 11:07:10