Bristol Palin, the daughter of Republican politician Sarah Palin, has undergone plastic surgery, according to a New York doctor. Bristol Palin debuted a shocking new look when she attended the Candie's Foundation benefit on Tuesday (4th April 2011), fuelling speculation that she had gone under the knife.
The 20-year-old former Dancing With The Stars contestant showed off a slimmer looking face, with her cheekbones and jawline appearing more defined. Early suggestions that she had lost weight were immediately rejected as Bristol's body shape appears to be the same as it was six months ago. Plastic surgeon Dr Norman M. Rowe, who spoke with the New York Daily News, says Palin appears to have had surgery, saying, "The tip of her nose is smaller and more feminine. This gives it a less bulbous look ... The bridge of the nose also appears lower. It's not as wide as it previously appeared". Rowe also suggests the 20-year-old has had corrective surgery on her chin, saying, "Many times a chin implant and a rhinoplasty are performed together to change the entire appearance of the face. I don't see any evidence of fillers or Botox although it's not uncommon for someone in their 20's to begin to use them".
Bristol Palin hit the headlines back in April after tax documents revealed she had earned more than $262,500 for her work advocating against teenage pregnancy. Palin and her ex-boyfriend Levi Johnston are the parents of 2-year-old Tripp, whom Bristol gave birth to at the age of 18.