The latest episode of Bristol Palin : Life's a Tripp has given viewers yet another reason to find fault with its central star, Bristol Palin (the daughter of Sarah Palin). The Palin family have hardly made their name by espousing liberal open-minded views but when 3 year-old Tripp uttered a homophobic slur whilst the documentary's cameras were rolling, it really took the biscuit.

The unexpected insult came whilst Bristol was trying to explain to her young son why he couldn't play in the swimming pool at their hotel. 21 year old Bristol tells her son "I think there's a bunch of drunk kids down there" and tells him no. Bristol's 17 year-old sister Willow backs up what her sister has said and tells Tripp that he can't go and play in the pool. At that point, Tripp - clearly taking umbrage at the decision - firstly tells the sisters that he "hates" them, as they try to stifle their own giggling at his hissy fit. The Tripp takes things a step to far by shouting at his aunt Willow "go away, you fa***t," a common insult used against homosexuals. His aunt and mother initially seem shocked but then begin to laugh, as Willow instructs Bristol off-camera not to laugh.

Later on in the episode, Bristol admits that she's not very good at disciplining her son. "I'm doing a terrible job disciplining Tripp. I know he's going to continue to push the boundaries and push the limits." It's not a great show for the young mum, who has been called out for her homophobic attitudes on several occasions prior to this.