Bristol Palin has debuted her new reality TV show 'Life's A Tripp'.

The 21-year-old brunette - the oldest daughter of former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin and her husband Todd - premieres her docu-series on Lifetime today (19.06.12) which follows her as she moves to Los Angles to get out of her ''comfort zone'' in Alaska with her toddler son Tripp.

She says: ''I'm moving to L.A. to show Tripp what's out there.''

Bristol gets a job volunteering at a Los Angeles-based charity and brings along her younger sister Willow to keep an eye on her son when she is out.

The programme features Bristol's already well-documented exchange with a heckler and critic David Hinckley believes the show could prove to be unpopular unless the brunette star meets a similar ''jerk'' each week.

In a review for the New York Daily News, he wrote: ''Unless the show can arrange for her to run into a jerk every week, there isn't a lot else here that is apt to make the viewer glance at the TV screen while this innocuous show rolls past.''