Bristol Palin, the daughter of Republican politician Sarah Palin and recent contestant on Dancing With The Stars, is rumoured to have changed her baby son's surname so that it no longer includes 'Johnston', the surname of the child's father, reports E! Online. Palin gave birth to son 'Tripp' when she was 18 years old and after numerous splits from boyfriend LEVI JOHNSON the couple finally ended their engagement back in August 2010.
The pair reached an agreement whereby Palin would be given primary custody of the child and Johnston would receive visitation rights while also providing child support. Tripp was officially named 'Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston' but E! report that a message posted on Bristol's official Facebook page earlier this week simply read, "Tripp Easton Mitchell Palin.PALIN!!!", fuelling speculation that the 20-year-old has had Tripp's name changed. A source close to couple alleged that Johnston had agreed to the change on the condition that it would excuse him from paying further child support. However, an insider denied the report and the message has since been removed from Bristol's Facebook page.
American comedienne Joan Rivers appeared on the Joy Behar show on Wednesday (19th January 2011) and spoke at length about the Palin family, calling Sarah a "Nazi" while describing Bristol as "stupid".