Bristol Palin, the daughter of Republican politician Sarah Palin and former contestant on Dancing With The Stars, has admitted to having correctional surgery on her jaw. Bristol Palin arrived at last week's Candie's Foundation Gala with noticeably defined jaw and cheekbones, immediately fuelling rumours of plastic surgery.
In an interview with US Weekly, which hits shelves on Friday (13th April 2011), Bristol admits to having a "necessary non-cosmetic procedure". The 20-year-old confirms that she underwent the corrective jaw surgery a month after she had left Dancing With The Stars in December 2010. Despite suggesting that her new look makes her appear "older" and "more mature", Bristol notes that it was also necessary for medical reasons. When pushed on whether she would consider more surgery, Palin was adamant that she would only have plastic surgery if she "got in an accident or something terrible and got disfigured".
It was recently announced that Bristol Plain will appear in an as-yet-untitled reality series set to premiere on the Bio Channel later this year. The show, which has been commissioned for an initial 10 episode run, will follow Palin and her 2-year-old Tripp as they make the move from Alaska to Los Angeles.