Brigitte Nielsen won't remain friends with Jackie Stallone after the pair reconciled on a British reality show - because she's still bitter about her longterm feud with her former mother-in-law.

Nielson blames Stallone for wrecking her marriage to movie star SYLVESTER STALLONE, and accuses her of branding her a "gold-digging pig" after the union collapsed in 1987, after just 18 months.

The psychic astrologer apologised when the pair were reunited on CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER - but the Danish actress is still struggling to get over the hurt and upset she and her family went through after the split.

She says, "I felt that my father died because of that woman. All because of the misery and the bullsh*t. I can't explain to you how bad it was.

"She apologised, but at the same time she tried to blame all the other things she said on other people.

"All I know is it destroyed my family, it destroyed my marriage to Sylvester and I will never get over it.

"Ten years of my life were destroyed because of her."

26/01/2005 21:36