Brigitte Nielsen regularly pesters her younger husband to declare his love for her so she can overcome her relationship insecurities.
The Danish model/actress has been married five times, including a two-year union with Sylvester Stallone, and earlier this year (11) she admitted to having a fling with Arnold Schwarzenegger.
But the 48 year old admits she has become riddled with insecurity after marrying Italian model Mattia Dessi, who is 15 years her junior.
She tells Britain's Daily Express, "I have become like that person. I'm jealous. It's the creeping insecurities that I don't want. I speak to my husband and he says I'm crazy.
"We are very happy and have been together for seven years. But I have become what I never was, a little bit insecure and jealous. I keep nagging him and saying, 'Do you love me?'"