Former actress Brigitte Nielsen was so hooked on alcohol she heard voices in her head telling her to drink more.
The Danish-born beauty, 45, checked into rehab a year ago (Jul07) as her boozing spiralled out of control.
Now she reveals how she was forced to ask for help after hitting rock bottom.
The actress, who was once married to Sylvester Stallone, tells Britain's Closer magazine, "Booze turned me into a bad mum, an ugly, depressed woman and a complete loser.
"Last year, I looked in the mirror and realised I'd reached rock bottom. I heard voices in my head, telling me to drink.
"I even drank just to pick up the phone because I felt such self-loathing and embarrassment."
And Nielsen also urges singer Amy Winehouse, who is battling drink and drug addictions, to get help - before it is too late.
She adds: "I get so sad when I see people like Amy Winehouse destroying themselves. They should get help before it kills them - like I did."