Brigitte Nielsen, the Danish actress and former Playboy model, claims she had an intimate affair with Arnold Schwarzenegger on the set of the 1985 movie 'Red Sonja', reports the UK's Daily Mail. Brigitte Nielsen, currently promoting her autobiography 'You Only Get One Life', said the romance began shortly after Schwarzenegger had begun dating Maria Shriver.
Nielsen claims although the affair was 'passionate', both parties knew the fling would only last as long as the movie shoot, saying, "Since we both knew that it wouldn't last beyond the movie, we didn't hold back", adding. "We wanted to try everything and so we did. There were no restrictions, no promises, nothing, and it was a great time in my life". Schwarzenegger married Shriver one year after the affair, but Nielsen claims the actor never spoke of his feelings for his future wife, saying, ".I felt I was the only one. Then I realized about him and Maria and, wow, I felt cheated. Maybe I wouldn't have got into it if he said, 'I'm going to marry Maria and this is dead serious,' but he didn't, and our affair carried on". The actress, best known for her roles in 'Rocky IV' and 'Beverly Hills Cop 2', recently appeared in a number of reality series, including 'Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew'.
Brigitte Nielsen has four sons from her relationships with Kasper Winding, Nfl star Mark Gastineau and RAOUL MEYER.