Brigitte Bardot and rocker Sir Paul McCartney are among a host of celebrities helping a Scottish-based charity by donating crayon drawings for auction.

The pair, McCartney's wife Heather Mills and Scottish James Bond actor Robbie Coltrane all contributed sketches for the SPIRIT AID charity - which raises money for children in Afghanistan.

The etchings will appear on the online auction site eBAY, six of which will have a reserved price of $180 (GBP100) and the rest $54 (GBP30) - but the charity are hoping to raise more cash.

A spokesperson for the charity says, "Given the names involved, I hope we can substantially beat the GBP1,000 mark."

Spirit Aid, set up by the Scottish actor David Hayman, aims to raise awareness of suffering in Afghanistan "caused by military intervention both before and after September 11 (01)".

02/04/2004 19:31