Reclusive French movie icon Brigitte Bardot has delivered a state of the world address in the pages of American style magazine FLAUNT.

The retired movie star, who now runs an animal sanctuary in France, rarely speaks to the press, but was compelled to write for Flaunt's WORLDVIEW column after watching the horrors of war in Iraq and ongoing environmental devastation.

Bardot writes, "We live in a difficult and troubled time. Man has lost his sense of worth, destroying little by little what remains pure and healthy on this poor earth.

"The forests are disappearing, the rivers and the seas are polluted by devastating fuel oils, animals are mutilated and massacred without reservation.

"This precious animal life, the base of the equilibrium of our lives, is cruelly and methodically sacrificed every day under the icy and indifferent eye of our governments."

Bardot continues to insist she has no plans to return to acting, after abandoning her craft 30 years ago, and she will dedicate the rest of her life to "the defence of animals."