Outspoken animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot is urging Australia's prime minister to end the export of live cows to Indonesia forever following publication of shocking images of cruelty in Asian slaughterhouses.
The veteran actress has taken her longrunning battle to end animal suffering Down Under by writing to the country's Prime Minister Julia Gillard, demanding she implement a permanent ban on animal exports.
Bardot's public plea comes after an Australian TV station published disturbing footage of cows being abused in Indonesian abattoirs.
The images caused outrage and the Australian government this week (beg06Jun11) suspended the cattle trade to Indonesia for up to six months. Bardot is now urging Gillard to make the suspension permanent.
She writes, "(The cows are) condemned to the worst mistreatment in Indonesian slaughterhouses... Please, Mister (sic) Prime Minister... listen to the massive protest of your own citizens and of thousand(s) of animal lovers in the world who are, like me, expecting Australia to finally end live export?"