Veteran actress Brigitte Bardot has sparked fury in her native France after trying to save the life of a dog which savagely attacked a four-year-old girl.
The owners of bull terrier Prince requested he be put down after leaving the young girl disfigured following the incident in Boulogne.
Bardot, who is a staunch animal rights activist, has launched a campaign asking the city's local mayor, Frederic Cuvillier, to spare the dog's life, despite the attack.
The French star says, "We have abolished the death penalty for humans, so why should it continue for animals?"
Bardot has now started a petition for Prince, who is being held at a kennel awaiting lethal injection, asking that the dog be pardoned.
Her actions have sparked outcry in the French press - an editorial in French political weekly Le Nouvel Observateur calls Bardot’s actions "outrageous, shocking and sad".
Meanwhile, mayor Cuvillier is calling for the actress to "come and see what he did to a young girl" in a bid to make her change her mind.