French movie legend Brigitte Bardot has been snubbed by the Canadian prime minister and a string of high-ranking officials who refuse to discuss their controversial seal hunting policy with her in person. The crusading actress is staging a desperate visit to the country tomorrow (22MAR06) after the Canadian government revealed plans to extend the hunting by another four years and set a kill quota of 325,000 animals this year (06). She hoped a meeting with political leaders in Ottowa would secure an end to the "animal genocide that disgusts the world". But Prime Minister Stephen Harper told broadcaster TVA, "I have no intention of meeting with her." His spokesman Dimitri Soudas later added, "The prime minister respects the opinions of famous people like Mrs Bardot, but as prime minister his objective is to defend the interests of Canadians." Fisheries minister Loyola Hearn has also refused the invitation to talk. Spokesman STEVE OUTHOUSE said, "The minister felt that this is an issue that keeps going on and there is no point in giving it more credence than it deserves so he decided not to meet with her." It is not the first time the French star has visited Canada for this purpose. In 1977 the actress prompted worldwide outrage at the seal hunt when she hugged a fluffy baby animal on an ice floe for snappers.