Retired French actress Brigitte Bardot has added a new campaign to her long list of animal rights conquests after condemning new Swiss laws requiring all owners to muzzle their dogs. Geneva lawmakers drafted in the new regulations after a toddler was attacked by a pit bull in a public park. Bardot, a longtime animal rights activist, feels the new ruling is over the top and shouldn't restrict the freedom of all dogs. In a letter to today's Tribune de Geneve newspaper, Bardot writes, "I don't think a Yorkshire terrier or a lapdog constitute any great danger to the population. "Unfortunately it's always the dogs paying the price for their masters' ignorance, irresponsibility and bad behaviour." The new law came into play on Monday (21AUG06) and calls on owners to make sure Geneva's estimated 300,000 dogs are muzzled for walks in the park. Owners face fines if they breach the new law.