Actress-turned-animal right campaigner Brigitte Bardot has slammed Greenland for organising polar bear hunting excursions for tourists.

The French ...AND GOD CREATED WOMAN star, 71, has written a scathing letter to QUEEN MARGRETHE II of Denmark, of which Greenland is a dependent territory.

Bardot fumes, "I have been fighting for years to stop the ice shelf being stained with the blood of thousands of seals shamelessly exterminated in Canada and Norway. Your country also seems to want to leave its stamp on the ice shelf by causing the blood of these innocent bears to flow, bears whose survival is already threatened by global warming."

The Greenland government is introducing the blood sport to boost the flagging economy of the Arctic Region country and is encouraging tourists by promising they can bring home the bear skins as souvenirs.

Greenland's minister of fishing and hunting, RASMUS FREDERIKSEN, is set to present the hunting bill to parliament, allowing non-Greenlanders to hunt legally in the nation, in April (05).

24/01/2005 18:35