French movie legend Brigitte Bardot is attempting to save a convicted killer from execution in Texas. The actress has sent an open letter to Texas governor RICK PERRY asking him to pardon FARLEY C MATCHETT before he is executed next month (SEP06). Bardot, who also plans to appeal to another Texan - PRESIDENT George W Bush, states she's convinced that Matchett, 43, was acting in self-defence when he stabbed his victim in 1991. Matchett has been incarcerated for 13 years. In her letter, Bardot writes, "This man has unintentionally committed a serious fault, since he acted in self-defence. "He is not a gangster, not a child's rapist, not a serial killer either... I beg you to please pardon Farley Matchett. "Dear Mr Governor, by according your pardon, your mercy to Farley Matchett to live, you would make me a wonderful favour (sic) and I will always be thankful to you."