Bright Eyes star Conor Oberst is spearheading a new campaign to protest a controversial new immigration law in his native Nebraska.
The singer/songwriter, who is part of the celebrity boycott of Arizona following state immigration legislation, has announced he will front a benefit gig to oppose Nebraska's Fremont Law.
State officials recently announced plans to "zero in on illegal aliens in the workplace and at their temporary homes" - a ruling that appalls Oberst.
He says, "I was outraged, saddened and embarrassed for my state. This way of thinking and legislating is so dangerous, and such a threat to our basic ideals as Americans and humans, that we cannot stand by and do nothing. We cannot play on as if nothing is wrong."
Oberst will perform with his bands Bright Eyes, Desaparecidos and Lullaby for the Working Class at the campaign gig on 31 July (10) in Omaha.