Brie Larson wants to see more women in the director's chair.

The 'Room' star is gearing up to direct her first feature film and would love to see other women step behind the camera.

She said: ''I love that we're seeing stronger women on the screen - but I don't think that's the end of this conversation. Because I think that we're more than just being strong or just being mothering. I think there's a whole lot that goes on in between for us to explore.

''I think the best place to start would be more female film directors - more female filmmakers of every different type of race - and we need to get out of these binary ways of thinking.

''We need more intersectionality. We need more unique voices because what directing is, is saying, 'This is how I view the world', and I think the way we can connect and learn more is seeing the world through other people's eyes.''

And the 27-year-old actress is proud to be portraying journalist Mason Weaver in her latest movie 'Kong: Skull Island' because she thinks Mason comes from ''a perspective we really need''.

She added to the BBC: ''She has a very specific role in this film, being the only one who doesn't have a weapon, as the only one that's not trying to tear this creature or any of the other creatures on this island down. And I think that's a perspective we really need.

''Being compassionate can actually unite all of us much better than to dominate and control. I think that women innately have that in them.

''What's interesting about playing her is that she is both things in her own way. She's not afraid to speak up. She uses her voice and is willing to put her whole life on the line for what she believes in. But she also has that deep compassion and I think women do have that.''