Brie Larson says spending weekends with Jennifer Lawrence is a ''treat''.

The Oscar-winning actress often goes long periods of time without seeing her friends and family because of her work, so she was delighted to learn the 'American Hustle' star was nearby while she was shooting 'The Glass Castle' in Montreal and they were able to hang out a lot when they weren't filming.

She said ''Jennifer Lawrence was also shooting there, so we spent our weekends together.

''We were like, 'How could we be so lucky?' You get used to being on your own and meeting new people, so it's such a treat when there's a friend there.''

The 'Room' star enjoys the fact her job means she gets to do a lot of travelling and spends a significant amount of time in the new places she visits, but it's particularly exciting when she then has to reunite with her castmates for awards ceremonies or promotional commitments.

She said: ''It's usually a couple of months in one spot, which is enough to get a handle on a place.

''I love that I've worked in so many locations. But, because we are always moving around, there are certain moments, like attending a banquet or an awards ceremony, that are amazing.

''It's like having a reunion.''

Despite her busy schedule, Brie - who is engaged to rocker Alex Greenwald - couldn't be happier with her life.

She said: ''I feel extremely lucky to have some wonderful friends and a good partner. And I love my dogs.''

And the 27-year-old actress won't let fame change her.

She told Psychologies magazine: ''I'm quite a private person, so much of my day-to-day is the same.

''The beauty of being a 20-year 'overnight' success is that I've had a lot of time to have a very clear understanding of what I'm interested in and why it fulfils me.''