Brie Larson still finds her Oscar win ''surreal''.

The 'Kong: Skull Island' star took home the coveted Best Actress in a Leading Role Award for her part in 'Room' at the ceremony in 2016 and was thrilled when her close pal Emma Stone won the same award this year for 'La La Land'.

She said: ''It's so strange because I think it's such a surreal moment. It was surreal for me last year, it was surreal for me this year, as a way of this kind of cycle closing and this new one starting for my friend that I love so much.''

The moment where they hugged backstage after Emma collected her award was captured by photographers and Brie is glad she has a permanent reminder of their interaction as she feels it sets an example to other women and shows the importance of supporting each other.

She added to Entertainment Tonight: ''I'm so proud of her. I'm grateful that there's a photo to prove that because what better than a day like International Women's Day to say women love each other. We support each other through everything.''

Meanwhile, Brie previously confessed to celebrating her Oscars win with a good night's sleep.

She said: ''I did not dance all night. I didn't hang out with Lorde and Taylor Swift. I went to sleep. I didn't do that.''

And Brie had sought advice from her ''fairy godmother'' Eddie Redmayne, who took home the Best Actor award in 2015, before she headed on stage to collect her gong.

She said: ''He told me, 'You're going to be fine until they call me to come up and present and once that happens, you're going to like need some.' It's totally true. They very slyly pulled him away and I was like 'Oh no' ... It was like, 'Is this going to happen again?' When he called my name, it's a weird out-of-body experience.''