Brie Larson admits success has made her life ''easier''.

the 27-year-old actress - who is engaged to rocker Alex Greenwald - doesn't live a particularly extravagant lifestyle but she is thankful she never has to worry about being able to pay the bills.

She said: ''It makes you life much easier on a practical level. Not that I've changed my spending habits dramatically or live differently now from the way I used to, but at least I don't jave to worry about money any more.

''It's not pleasant having to live under that pressure when you're trying to find good roles and wanting to prove yourself.''

However, the 'Glass Castle' star does still have some worries, as she's always checking that her career choices are in line with her ambitions.

She said: ''I guess that, on an artistic level, I still worry about the kind of work that I'm doing and whether I live up to my own ambitions.

''I don't think that will ever change when it comes to how I approach things.''

Brie won an Oscar for her role as a kidnapped woman in 'Room' and she admits the experience of making the film took her back to her own childhood, where she, her sister and single mother shared a studio apartment, and led to an emotional chat with her mom.

She told Psychologies magazine: ''While we were shooting it, I felt more connected to my past.

''We had a pretty tough time after my mother, my little sister and I moved to Los Angeles.

''I remember calling my mom in tears and telling her that I understood at last how many sacrifices she had made for me.

''She was crying too, during our conversation and she apologised for all the difficulties we went through. It taught me how we all need to be more forgiving of ourselves.''