Brie Larson hopes 'Captain Marvel' will spark a global conversation about diversity.

The 29-year-old actress - who stars as the titular character in the new Marvel movie - wants the film to trigger discussions about diversity within the film business and beyond.

She shared: ''I'm just doing what I can do, based upon my experience and my one body, which is why representation on screen is so important.

''No one person can tell the entire story, we can only tell our piece of it.

''With films like this, that do end up going international, because a lot of the time, with smaller movies, you don't know if they will or not, it means you get to have a really extensive conversation, and I'm so grateful that this film has so many pockets in it.''

Brie stressed that the new superhero movie can be enjoyed without even considering the issue of diversity.

However, the Hollywood star is hopeful that it'll encourage the movie-watching public to become more empathetic.

She told Collider: ''If you want to just enjoy it, you totally can, but there a lot of aspects to it that I think are worth talking with your friends and family about.

''When you have a multi-cultural, global conversation like that, it allows all of us, through the veil of metaphor of a film, to be able to reveal some deeper truths and maybe empathise, in a new way.''