Brie Bella has shared ''personal and intimate'' pictures of her labour.

The 33-year-old former professional wrestler gave birth to her first child Birdie Danielson - whom she has with her husband and fellow wrestler Bryan Danielson - last month, and has now taken to her YouTube channel to share her experience with her fans.

In the video, the 'Total Divas' star shows off a number of photos from her special day, including images of her baby bump just moments before giving birth, as well as sweet snaps of her holding little Birdie.

She said in the video: ''I wanted to share some really personal, intimate pictures with you guys of my labour. Something I feel like people don't realise is how hard labour can be, but also is all the people who really support you in labour.''

Brie went on to praise her 36-year-old husband Bryan as well as her twin sister Nikki, both of whom she credits with helping her through her tough 21-hour long labour.

She continued: ''My husband never left my side, which was amazing. All the 21 hours he literally spent right next to me, helped me breathe through contractions, encouraging me.

''My sister, I was induced at 3am and my sister was there at 7am and she didn't leave my side. She actually held one of my legs and helped me push.''

Meanwhile, Brie recently took to Instagram to show off her post-baby body as she prepared to ''start a little cardio'' in order to help shed the 20 pounds she's gained.

She wrote: ''7 days since I've given birth and I have zero shame in my postpartum belly!!

''Graced with some stretch marks and 20 more pounds to lose I'm finally able to start a little cardio. Join me on my journey to getting back my pre pregnancy body. It's gonna be a long road but I'm ready!!! (sic)''