Brie Bella thinks her sister Nikki needs ''time'' to figure things out with John Cena.

The two WWE superstars have had a very public breakup - which is currently playing out on reality shows 'Total Bellas' - but the 34-year-old star revealed her twin is ''working on it''.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', she said: ''They're working on it. I think sometimes people think, 'OK, it's a break-up.' So they need to make a decision quick, you know.

''But no. Like everyone, you just work on it. They need time and so for me I just want them both to be happy. Whatever it is, together or not, I just want them to be happy.''

The pair split in April just weeks before they were due to marry, and Brie has been there for her sister as her ''backbone'', even if nothing needs to be said at the time.

She explained: ''I'm being like every sister in the world. You're just the backbone for your sister. I'm there for her.

''The thing that my sister loves the most about being with me is we can sit in a room, have our wine and not say anything. So it's just showing support that way.''

On Sunday (10.06.18), viewers of the reality show will see some emotional scenes as Nikki stumbles across a heartfelt note from her ex-fiancé whilst giving a friend a tour of the home she once shared with John.

In a promotional clip, she said: ''It's really hard to be in this house without John. His presence is so strong here.''

The star then finds a bouquet of flowers with the loving note attached, part of which is shown on the camera.

It says: ''For me to watch you grow into something so beautiful and amazing. For making me feel a part of all these moments ...''

When Brie asks her sister if the note is ''a sweet card'', Nikki then holds the paper to her heart and says: ''The best''.