Brie Bella wants to throw a ''woman empowerment party'' for her sister Nikki.

The 33-year-old professional wrestler was so pleased with the various parties her sibling had organised for her in the recent months that she wants to return the favour.

Speaking in a preview clip for 'Total Bellas', she said: ''I just feel so bad because Nicole like literally planned two different baby showers for me, my bachelorette party then my bridal shower. I kind of feel like we should throw her a party.

''My sister has been amazing. She's constantly throwing me parties, from my bachelorette party to now my baby shower. I'm like, you know what, she deserves something special ... Like a cute little, you're a career woman, woman empowerment party. We all know John Cena doesn't want kids, so a woman empowerment party. Perfect for her!''

It comes after Nikki revealed she wants ''caviar and champagne'' for her Bachelorette party as she wants to feel like ''Princess Grace Kelly'' ahead of her big day.

She said: ''I don't want a sash, I don't want a crown, I don't want vulgar stuff. I want to feel like Princess Grace Kelly and I want caviar and I want to sip champagne.''

However, it may be a while before the party is held as Nikki recently revealed she wants a ''long engagement'' to her beau John Cena.

She said: ''[Wedding planning is] going amazing. I've set a date, I found the dress, and now I have to do all the in between. Once I got engaged, I started to realise, like, 'Oh, I'll be married forever, so I want a long engagement. And I just want to enjoy being a fiancée. I want to enjoy the wedding planning process ... I know I'm not going to get cold feet, so I just really want to enjoy it.''