Brie Bella's first Mother's Day was even more special because she got to take her daughter home.

The 'Total Divas' star welcomed daughter Birdie into the world on May 9 and after a week-long hospital stay, Brie is now home with her and husband Daniel Bryan's bundle of joy.

She said: ''It's been quite a journey, but the hospital experience actually was amazing. The nurses taught us so much. They were so helpful and it was great. But nothing feels better than being home.

''I came home to these pretty flowers. Bryan picked me these, how beautiful, for Mother's Day. I just want to say happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there. I don't think people know exactly what women go through in labor and bringing these beautiful babies into the world and how much they just capture your hearts.

''Wow, Mother's day is actually a really special day, so happy Mother's Day to you all and I'm so blessed that I actually get to be a part of this holiday and that I can join, officially, the moms club. I have to say it's the best darn club you can be a part of.''

And the 33-year-old professional wrestler is excited to let her daughter meet the family's pet pooches, Josie and Winston.

In a recent video posted to her YouTube channel, she added: ''Birdie's sleeping but we just got these guys, just came home, so once she's up they get to meet their new little sister. I've missed them. I'm so excited to see them and I'm so excited to get all in my groove and get everything ready. I will keep you up to date how motherhood goes for me.''

Meanwhile, Brie recently thanked fans for their support following the birth of her daughter.

She said: ''We finally wanted to say thank you for all your support, your prayers and all your cute, little messages about Birdie finally coming in. It was a very crazy process and a very long labour, and I'm so lucky I had Bryan by my side the whole time and my sister [Nikki Bella].''