Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan's relationship is ''stronger'' now that they're parents.

The professional wrestling couple welcomed their daughter Birdie into the world in May, and Daniel - who's real name is Bryan Danielson - has said he's doing all he can to make sure he puts Brie ''first'', as he's heard too many stories of babies putting strain on a relationship.

Speaking to E! News, Daniel, 36 said: ''I would read a lot about how to be a dad. I had never changed a diaper before we had Birdie. And one of the things that they talk about is it can be very hard on a marriage, on a couple, when you had a child. Because there's all these needs you have to take care of. But if you know that and you know that going in and, 'OK, I'm going to put my partner first.' That sort of thing. And it feels like our relationship has become stronger because of it.''

But it seems as though Birdie isn't stressing the new parents out too much, as the 33-year-old 'Total Divas' star - who is the twin sister of fellow wrestler Nikki Bella - previously claimed she was ''lucky'' that her daughter is a ''calm and easy baby''.

She said: ''It's crazy because as I look at her, I think of how lucky I am to have a really calm, easy baby. Even though I will say in the last week she's gotten a little more fussy. Like, when she wants something, she lets you know, where before it was kind of like she really didn't. It's crazy how it's kind of changed almost, like her personality is stronger.

''It's cute because now she'll give me these eyebrows and this really strong look if she wants something or if she's not satisfied, but I've been lucky for how calm she is.''