SEX AND THE CITY star Bridget Moynahan has slammed the OLSEN TWINS' skinny frames, insisting she could destroy them in a fight.

The feisty actress - who's poised for global box office success in forthcoming Will Smith film I, ROBOT - picks out 18-year-old MARY-KATE and ashley as the two Hollywood stars she deems easy opponents in a physical confrontation.

Her boast in mens magazine GQ follows reports waif-like Mary-Kate has checked herself into a rehab clinic to battle anorexia.

She says, "I could definitely take the Olsens."

When quizzed on what advantages Moynahan believes she has over the multi-millionaire siblings, she replies, "Height. Legs. Killer instincts. They are kind of cute, though."

25/06/2004 17:33