Former Playboy Playmate Bridget Marquardt is struggling with life away from Hugh Hefner's Holmby Hills, Los Angeles mansion - she can't throw away her collectibles.
After she split amicably from boyfriend Hefner, the blonde beauty left his home and has since started living with boyfriend, director Nick Carpenter.
And though she loves having her own pad, she admits she has grown difficult to live with.
The reality TV star tells, "Going through all these (moving) boxes has been a little bit stressful. I told Nick that he has to help me get rid of things, but every time he tells me to throw something away, I get all p**sed at him."
"Nick made me give away my Hello Kitty TV, my Hello Kitty microwave and my Hello Kitty toaster... and I have Playboy pillows, sheets, towels, barware."
Marquardt admits she has already donated bags of clothes and stuff to charity.
She and her boyfriend have just bought a $1.7 million (GBP1.1 million) home in Sherman Oaks, California.